Project discription

World Wide Art for human rights and peace

War, poverty and injustice are since ever an ingredient part of different people and nations in the world history. Unfortunately we cannot change the world but within this project we would like to set up a little sign and animate people to think.
The peace work of the artist Irina Balandina was sawed into 200 little pieces of 100 x 50 mm. Each peace has its own number on its back and is handwritten signed.
The aim is it to spread over a little „puzzle“ in every country of the world and to place it at a distinctive area.
Which way will the little peace message take when it’ll be found? Nobody can know it or foretell it. Will the founder inform himself about the project at the internet? Does he even have an internet access?
During your travels you can participate as an active messenger for the World Wide Art project and take a little piece with you!
At the state list you can see the available countries. 
The Dream of Escapness
Oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
Destruction, war and oppression the search for a peaceful union.
Children are free of prejudice. If black or white, red or yellow there are no existing differences!
With an unbiased way of life also adults can find peace again. Everyone for his own - and the world will be changed.  

If you have found one of it, please write us.
It is interesting to see which way our little
peace-message has taken. 

Descripción de projecto