Wer oder was ist WFF (WPF)?

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It is not important to which nationality we belong, which skin colour we have or which religious orientation we bear in ourselves... Peace is the greatest good that the creation has given us, and all of us should carry this good deep in his heart forever.

We are living in the 3rd millennium... and until today mankind has not understood to live in peace with each other. At many places on our earth, wars are going on... or there are many trouble spots which make an outbreak of wars possible at any time, caused by religious or political reasons. Many a time religious and political reasons are also strongly connected with each other.

WFF - world peace flag is not a governmental institution, neither an organisation nor another kind of institution.
WFF is an initiative of the artists Katalin Kanyasi and Peter von Krusenstern who take a stand for a fair cooperation of all people all over the world.

Even if the WFF will not prevent or finish a war on a short term; nevertheless, it will surely encourage us to reflect about global peace.

K. Kanyasi and P. von Krusenstern have created this flag and they will endow this flag to every state of our earth, to bring the spirit of peace all over the world.


Weltfriedensfahne World Peace Flag